This chapter has been closed.

Hey everyone, this is Kal.  I just want to say that you guys are great for being so strong, on the behalf of Evan and I.  Long distance relationships are huge, they take time, energy, and devotion, we’re so happy to have been part of your community for awhile.  But our chapter has closed everyone- 11 weeks into one another’s lives Evan has relocated (with his trusty companion/roomate leo) 300 miles to be closer to me.  I guess that’s a rap everyone.. Ohio is New York. 
From the first night and those to follow:

To the day he packed his ca and moved to town:

To the next morning when the lease was signed:

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For any of you who follow our relationship.. 
Evan has a job, and in 12 days Ohio is New York. <3


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I love Evan so much, in the time that he’s been in my life I’ve been so happy. I never have met anyone who’s felt so natural in my life, and I’d be surprised if I’d ever met anyone who I can relate to in this way again.  I couldn’t ask for anything more than having him in my life, it feels like he’s been here for my entire life, but I also feel like I wasn’t born until I met him.  Evan is everything I could ever want in a man.  I’m so glad that things are being set into place for him to move here, we’re looking at apartments next Saturday and I’m so exited.

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